Bronze Flute Ensemble Pieces


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Für Föten-Duette, Trios und Quartette

Music Medals Flute Ensemble Pieces are five volumes of enjoyable and accessible repertoire – each volume contains original pieces and imaginative arrangements for duets trios and quartets- excellent material for mixed-ability groups as well as being an exciting resource for the individual musician- fun pieces and arrangements in various styles- ideal group-teaching material for the developing ensemble- all pieces selected for the Associated Boards Music Medals

Chinese Lanterns (Nigel Scaife)
Precious Metal (James Rae)
The Train Set (Robert Tucker)
In The Mode (Cecilia McDowell)
Anyone for Tennis? (Paul Harris)
Break Time (Sarah Watts)
You ve Been Tangoed (Mark Goddard)
Chopped Sticks (arr. Alan Haughton)
Mozart s Coming To Tea (Paul Harris)
Nice n Cool! (Robert Tucker)
The Cloudy Mountain (Sally Adams)
Shepherd s Song (Kit Turnbull)
Invincible March (James Rae)
Blue Train (Sarah Watts)
A Funfair Fanfare (Colin Cowles)
Voyage to Mars (Mark Goddard)
Horror Movie (Paul Harris)