Learnin The Blues


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A Systematic Approach For Creating Instrumental Blues Solos

Evolution Of The Blues
Fingering Chart
Blues Progression
Outline Early Scale – Basic
Early Blues With Riffs
Freer Style
Solo Style
Basic Guidelines To Improvising
Musical Phrase
Four Measure Phrases
Uneven Phrases
Scale And Chard Tone Relationships
Improvised Solos
Blues Scale – Flatted 5th Added
Added-Note Blues Scale
Combined Blues Scale
Minor Blues
Extended Scales – All Keys
Blues in C Major
Blues in F Major
Blues in Es Minor
Blues in As Major
Blues in Gis Major
Blues in B Minor
Blues in E Major
Blues in A Major
Blues in D Minor
Blues in G Major
Scale Subtitution
Major Scales
Chord Construction
Major Key Chart
Minor Key Chart
Minor Keys
Minor Key Chart