Songs and Airs of Great Oratorios, Händel


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Gesang (hoch) und Klavier

Dear Companion – Rinaldo
Sadly I Languish – Rinaldo
O Come, Let Us Worship – Chandos Anthems
Love In Her Eyes Sits Playing – Acis And Galatea
Would You Gain The Tender Creature – Acis And Galatea
O Beauteous Queen – Esther
The Vessel Storm Driven – Radamisto
Allurements The Dearest – Alessandro
Heavenly Star Eyes, Calm Beaming – Adameto
Gentle Airs, Melodious Strains – Athalia
Will God, Whose Mercies Ever Flow – Athalia
Trust A Woman? How Simple Minded! – Alcina
Go! Call Irene – Atalanta
Loves Richest Dower – Serse
Fell Rage And Black Despair – Saul
Sin Not, O King – Saul
Oft On A Plat Of Rising Ground – L Allegro Ed Il Pensieroso
Let Me Wander, Not Unseen – L Allegro Ed Il Pensieroso
Hide Me From Days Garish Eye – L Allegro Ed Il Pensieroso